Artists of New England Podcast

December 2018,


“I consider myself a full-time artist… I paint all the time. I may not be in my studio, but I’m always looking at paintings. And looking at the world in that way.”

In Episode 7 (July 16, 2018) of Laura Cassinari-King’s podcast series called Artists of New England, Peggy Murray talks about her journey as an artist in the New England art scene. From discovering art for the first time to the current direction of Peggy’s artwork, this podcast gives a very personal introspection behind the paintbrush.

Episode Description: “Peggy’s joyful personality and zest for life is reflected in her paintings of daily routines. Many figures depict playfulness in whimsical scenes with others draw the viewer into contemplative reverie. In this interview she shares how she captures her subjects as well as a glimpse into how this hobby became a career!”

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